It’s hard to imagine a world without hearing. But, thanks to the rapid advances of Eversound, it seems as though we are approaching a time when we will soon look back at our current hearing system with nostalgia. Eversound’s new headphones for seniors are an easy solution to bringing hearing and improving the lives of seniors and have many benefits. Some of these benefits are explained below.

Eversound Headphones Increase Engagement

Being able to hear and interact with others improves the user’s quality of life. As seniors age and begin losing their hearing, speech becomes muffled, and they have difficulty understanding what others are saying, especially if there is any background noise. 

Seniors are self-conscious about losing their hearing and are often embarrassed to ask people to repeat themselves in conversations. Most often, seniors will smile and nod, but not being able to carry on conversations and join in leaves them feeling invisible and like they no longer have a voice. This can lead to extreme loneliness. Eversound solves this problem. At Terraza of Cheviot Hills, Eversound helps improve visits with family and friends, keeping them engaged.

Loneliness is a significant health hazard, and seniors need to build friendships to avoid serious health problems down the road.

While interactions can’t ultimately combat the issues of loneliness and depression, new research explains how even small steps can play a big part in improving how seniors experience satisfaction and think of themselves. When seniors hear, they can interact and build relationships with others in their community.

Easy to Use

As seniors age, they get confused more easily. This can lead to frustration and withdrawal. As beneficial as Eversound headphones are, Terraza of Cheviot Hills eliminates this potential problem by taking responsibility for the operation and availability of the headphones. 

This relieves the residents and their families of keeping track of hearing aids. No more hearing aid battery replacements. No more searching for lost hearing aids. Leave all this to the staff. 

Adjustable to Fit Individual Needs

Eversound has volume controls that let seniors adjust each headset to their preferred volume level. For some seniors, knobs, buttons, and dials are difficult to use. The bone density of their hands tends to decrease after age 50, causing a decline in manual dexterity. These headphones are designed with the dexterity of seniors in mind and make it simple for those with limited dexterity to adjust the sound level.  

Compatible with Hearing Aids

If a loved one needs an extra hearing boost and already uses hearing aids, they’ll get that extra boost with Eversound. For loved ones of those with hearing loss, it may become evident that the senior’s existing hearing aids aren’t doing enough. The Eversound headphone amplifies sound with a convenient, rechargeable battery-operated unit. It can help restore clarity and increase the volume so seniors can hear well again.

Multiple Uses

Eversound is so versatile that it’s useful for any kind of listening. The headphones are used during group activities, such as group learning sessions, social events like coffee nights and book clubs, and resident council meetings. 

These headphones are designed to fit the lifestyle of senior community life, whether it’s spending time in their room watching TV, relaxing outside enjoying the California sunshine, exercising in a group session, or dining with others.

This is the right choice for using a pair of wireless headphones to enable having quality conversations with loved ones or to increase their enjoyment of life by being able to once again interact with other residents.

Improved Moods Among Seniors

Social isolation and loneliness are both risk factors for dementia. A new study found that social interactions benefit older adults living in assisted living.

Participants who engaged in at least two social interactions per week had less decline in their cognitive function and were less likely to develop dementia than those who avoided interactions. This suggests that social interaction may be vital to maintaining cognitive function and preventing dementia, and Eversound is the key to improving hearing and helping people interact.

Hearing is Crucial for Life Quality

Hearing is a crucial part of our lives and one of the most-used senses that allows communication and interaction with other people. It’s something often taken for granted but vital for survival. For many individuals, the process of losing their hearing and not being able to have quality interactions is confusing and overwhelming. Terraza of Cheviot Hills assisted living community in Los Angeles, CA, is overcoming this issue with Eversound headphones.

About Us and Our Eversound Services

Eversound was born out of a love for seniors, a passion for technology, and the belief that technology should be accessible to everyone, especially seniors. We believe technology can be used to help seniors live happier, healthier, and more independent lives.

Today, Eversound is helping seniors in more than 1,000 communities across the US have access to affordable, accessible and engaging technology to help them stay healthy, connected, engaged, and independent.