California families have good choices for assisted living communities for their loved ones. But, coming to a decision about the care of loved ones can be difficult for the whole family. The senior citizen needing more care might not be ready to accept the need to move into assisted living. It is important to bring the whole family into agreement about this important move. There are some steps to follow to make this decision and move easier.

When Is Assisted Living Care Needed?

There are signs to look for to determine when a loved one needs a higher level of care than living at home can give them. It is important to consider the safety of loved ones as they age. These signs show a need for elderly assisted living:

  • When medical conditions get worse, there are falls and other injuries, or the person is becoming frailer.
  • The person is having trouble managing home finances or other money problems, is vulnerable to scammers, or suffers confusion.
  • The person is becoming socially isolated, depressed, or has memory problems.
  • There is difficulty keeping the house clean and organized. Personal hygiene and caring for oneself are going downhill.
  • A person is not eating properly, is not drinking enough fluids, has difficulty safely cooking meals, and forgets to take medications.

When it becomes clear that a person needs help, it is time to consider an assisted living community in Los Angeles, CA. There are assisted living communities for all income levels, which means senior living does not require giving up a person’s lifestyle. 

Convincing the Whole Family and the Senior Citizen Assisted Living Is the Right Choice

Sometimes, the person who needs assisted senior living and other family members need convincing. It is not always easy for the whole family to agree on a course of action to keep a family member well-cared-for and safe. A husband or child may have promised the person would not be moved to a nursing home. Family members may feel guilty about institutionalizing a loved one. These strategies may help:

  • Talk to the person’s doctor, caregivers, neighbors, friends, and other family members to get their opinions of the situation and put this information in writing to show family members.
  • Document health, cognitive, and memory problems of the person and how they affect their ability to live on their own. Document safety issues.
  • Gather information on nearby California assisted living communities offering care for seniors. Find assisted living communities that offer the level of care and the quality of life and surroundings that the person is used to and needs to be content.
  • Arrange tours of communities that offer the best amenities and surroundings for the person. If friends have moved to a nice assisted living community, check that one out and arrange a visit.
  • Point out that the person’s health and or mental condition is much different than when promises were made. Assisted living communities are a good and thoughtful choice to ensure the person needing help gets all the needed care, has a chance to be around other people for social stimulation, and is in a safe, secure environment. List all the care and amenities available.
  • Some families benefit from obtaining the services of a geriatric care manager.
  • Always let the person who needs the care play a major part in the decision. If they are not ready, give them a little more time. Then, talk to them again with more information. Give the person several communities to choose from and arrange tours.
  • Sometimes it is possible to convince the person to go into assisted living for a trial period or a limited amount of time. Once they are there and get used to it, they will agree to stay.

In the end, what everyone wants is for the beloved family member to be as happy and cared for in surroundings that are comfortable. They need to be safe and have activities to keep them busy. They need enjoyable meals and good company. They also need to have visits from family members on a regular basis both to check on how they are doing and to make them feel loved.

About Terraza of Cheviot Hills Assisted Living

Terraza of Cheviot Hills Assisted Living is a luxury community for those who can afford a private-pay community and expect the best care and surroundings. Senior citizens who have been used to having the best in life should not have to give up their lifestyle as they age. This beautiful community offers a tranquil, quiet setting to age gracefully and includes 24-hour services and many amenities.