Dementia is a brain disease that progresses at different speeds in different people, and it is impossible to predict how quickly seniors with the disease will suffer cognitive decline. Once the seniors cannot take care of themselves any longer, the family must step up and make hard decisions for their loved ones. A senior community offers everything that seniors need, especially if these elderly individuals cannot live independently. Here are some tips for easing the transition to an assisted living community.  

Break Down Belongings to Essentials

Instead of packing everything at once, the family can help their loved ones break down their belongings into essentials and non-essentials. The move to assisted living requires the new residents to leave a lot of things in the family home behind since there isn’t any room for everything. However, the family can manage the rest of the household items after their loved one has moved into the community

Plan for Downsizing As Soon As Possible

Once the senior is diagnosed with dementia, the family should sit down together and discuss the future. An elderly loved one cannot remain in the family home if they cannot take care of themselves or if a private nurse cannot manage their care at home. Dementia creates dangerous situations for seniors, especially if they wander off away from their home, and the family might not find them quickly.

Downsizing helps the family sell the family home and give their aging parent a surplus to pay for their care. The family can manage all the household items according to their loved one’s wishes, and if they aren’t sure about some items, they could always place them in storage.  

Let the Senior Choose Decor For Their Room

An easier way to help with the transition is to take the senior to the store to find new items to decorate their living space. If the senior isn’t sentimental, they might want a new start for this new life event, and buying new decor could make the space more their own and keep the new residents comfortable.

The family can help them place their items around the living space and add family pictures within these new items. Senior living communities offer private living spaces for the residents, and all residents have the freedom to set up their private spaces however they want. 

Get the Senior Involved in the Community on Day One

Since moving into an assisted living community is hard, the family can coordinate with the community administrators and set up move-in day when the community has an event planned. Family members can come with them to these events and help the loved ones introduce themselves to neighbors in the community.

If their elderly family member is shy or introverted, it might be easier for the senior to have someone they know there to ease them into meeting new people and starting new friendships. A little support is helpful for anyone in a difficult situation, and the seniors might transition easier once they have friends to spend time with and get the support they need.  

Do Something Special for Moving Day

The family can make moving day a special event for their loved ones and take them to their favorite restaurant before going to the community. In assisted living in Los Angeles, CA, seniors receive a wealth of services to make life easier, but a special trip can make the transition easier. Making new memories with the family is important for everyone, especially if an aging parent has dementia. The entire family can do several different activities leading up to the trip to the senior community. 

Let the Loved One Put Their Things Away

An overnight bag and a small box of personal belongings are ideal for the first week at the senior community. Family members should let the loved ones put their belongings away on their own, and this helps them feel more independent.  

Set Up a Visit Schedule 

Family members should visit their seniors consistently during this transition. However, they shouldn’t visit when the senior has a busy day. By talking to the staff, the family can determine the best times for visits.  

Lovely Homes for Seniors

At Terraza of Cheviot Hills, we offer superb homes for seniors whether they need assisted or independent living arrangements. Our staff performs a variety of services to keep residents happy and comfortable, and our community presents a full calendar of events for everyone. Come by for a private tour of the community and see for yourself how terrific living here can be.