Seniors don’t want to become burdens on their loved ones. They wish to remain independent and live the life they choose as long as possible. However, the time may come when they are no longer able to safely live alone. When this day arrives, family members should consider an assisted living community. There, residents find they can remain independent while having help when it’s needed. They get the best of both worlds when this senior living option is selected. How can a family know when the time has come to reconsider a loved one’s living arrangements? 


Families might notice a change in their loved one’s physical appearance. It may be the senior looks like they haven’t bathed in days or their clothes are soiled and ill-fitting. In other situations, family members are shocked to learn how much weight their loved one has lost or how frail they look. If you see major changes in your family member’s appearance, it’s time to learn the reason why. If they are unable to carry out daily tasks on their own, assisted living in Los Angeles, CA, may be the answer. 


As a person ages, it becomes harder to carry out basic household tasks. When visiting seniors this holiday season, look around the home. Do they have dirty clothes piled up waiting to be washed? Is there old food in the refrigerator that should have been thrown out weeks ago? These serve as two signs the family member is struggling to care for the home. 

A person may see signs of hoarding or what appears to be this behavior. For instance, the loved one may have a stack of bills sitting on the counter or old newspapers that haven’t been recycled. The family member must learn why these items remain in the home. The bills may be piled up because the senior has trouble reading them. An eye exam could resolve this issue. However, it might be they can’t take the trash out easily and allow things to accumulate around the home as a result.

This serves as a sign they need help with daily tasks. Families must distinguish between the two situations. If the senior does need help, assisted living homes should be researched to find the right community for this individual. 


Men and women tend to forget things as they get older. However, when they cannot remember basic things, such as their home address or a child’s name, family members need to be concerned. They may go for a walk and forget their way home or turn the stove on and forget to turn it off. Any changes in a senior’s thinking or behavior should be mentioned to their doctor to determine whether it is cause for concern. 

When spending time with your loved ones this holiday season, pay attention to any changes. They could be nothing to worry about or a major cause for concern. This depends on the individual and the changes being seen. If a change in the individual’s living situation is called for, assisted living may be the solution you need. It never hurts to look into this option for your loved one. 

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