Retiring seniors with mobility difficulties or who have been diagnosed with dementia may not be able to live on their own in their homes. They need help with activities of daily life, and it’s necessary to either hire an in-home nurse or become a resident in a senior community. Emerging circumstances push families to decide with their elderly loved ones which option is most appropriate based on the person’s needs. 

Letting Seniors Socialize More 

If the person stays in their home, there aren’t more opportunities to socialize unless they get out of the house and go places seniors visit. Typically, the in-home nurse comes to stay with the elderly person during the day or night or until a loved one arrives. This limits socialization opportunities to interactions with the in-home nurse and the family. 

An assisted living community offers monthly activities where residents spend time together and socialize. The residents visit with each other whenever they choose and live close together. Residents won’t become isolated, anxious, or depressed because they feel alone and don’t have like-minded people as friends. 

Preventing Residents From Wandering Off 

In assisted living homes, residents retain their independence for as long as possible, but they need help when independence compromises their safety. Dementia causes disorientation and confusion, and residents with dementia may wander off and become lost if they remain in their homes.

This leads to dangerous situations for people, and some of them cannot remember how to get back home. The disease makes them ultimately forget their address and important contact information. A secured community is better than setting up in-home care because dementia residents stay within a secured wing of the community. 

Meal Preparation That Meets Dietary Restrictions 

In-home nurses prepare meals for their clients, but they may not create meals that meet all dietary restrictions. Taking care of a senior in the home is challenging, and most in-home nurses create meals that are prepared quickly. 

In a senior community, the residents have more choices when requesting meals, but these meal choices meet their dietary restrictions. The meal prep staff cooks meals that are appropriate for a low-sodium, low-sugar, or heart-healthy diet.  

Memory Care For Individuals With Dementia

Memory care helps seniors with dementia improve cognitive function, and they remember more daily information. The activities include puzzles and games that increase recollection and help residents complete daily tasks. The current phase of dementia and the symptoms indicate if in-home services or moving into a community is best for the resident.  

Help With ADLs

Activities of daily life are bathing, dressing, grooming, brushing their teeth, and basic hygiene practices. In-home nurses help clients with ADLs, but in these situations, there is a greater risk of falling and injuries. In an assisted living community, there are more caregivers that come to aid others if a resident slips and helps move the individual out of harm’s way. The resident’s weight, height, and ability to move on their own determine how many caregivers the resident needs to help them with ADLs daily. 

Housekeeping and Laundry Services 

Retirement is that time in life when you shouldn’t have to deal with mundane tasks such as housekeeping and laundry. All retirees have time to rest and do the things they’ve always wanted because they don’t have to work anymore.

Hiring an in-home care nurse to help the senior with these tasks becomes expensive, and housekeeping and laundry aren’t common services covered by insurance. Living in an assisted living community gives the residents access to these services at no additional cost.  

A Lovely Home for Seniors

At Terraza of Cheviot Homes, we provide long-term care for seniors who need help with ADLs and other daily needs, and we focus on keeping seniors as independent as possible. Our community offers a wealth of amenities and services specifically for the elderly. Contact our community to schedule a tour now.