Getting older has its many challenges, especially for those over the age of 75. One of those challenges is the risk of losing a sense of autonomy when normal daily tasks become difficult to complete without help. Fortunately, assisted living homes in Los Angeles, CA can help seniors improve their quality of life and keep their independence well into their golden years. 

It is not uncommon for seniors to struggle when it comes to admitting they have difficulty completing daily self-care tasks. These individuals often feel like they are an island surrounded by others who are capable of things they are not. More than half of all seniors have difficulty with some tasks of daily living, so it is quite normal, and they are not alone in their struggles. Assisted living communities are the answer to these challenges, offering seniors the many benefits listed below. 

An Easier Time with Daily Living

Many families consider assisted living apartments for their loved ones because they are finding that they need help to complete a wide range of normal daily tasks. These can include getting to appointments, taking medication, preparing food, or keeping up with personal hygiene. Assisted living communities have staff on-hand that are trained and ready to help with any of the normal activities a person needs to do that has become difficult. 

Seniors will not have to stress about how to handle the many demands life has for them as they age. In an assisted living community, residents can rely on the staff and other community members to help them meet their needs. When those residents do not require help, they can be left to fulfill their own wants and needs as they see fit, allowing them to maintain their sense of independence.

High-Quality Nutrition Support

Like many other systems in a person’s body, metabolism rates undergo significant changes as those people get older. The dietary needs of someone over 75 are often significantly different than those of someone who is in their 30s or 40s. For example, a senior’s body does not absorb nutrients and protein as it did in the past, so it is critical for them to adjust their daily diet. 

Assisted living communities provide nutritious meals that fit the needs of seniors. Providing special diets for residents is common in assisted living communities. Members of the community do not have to worry about preparing food and can be sure they are receiving the nutrition they need to maintain their health. 

The Ability to Keep Mind and Body Sharp

As people age, it can become difficult for them to maintain an active lifestyle. Active lifestyles are critical for good health and longevity. Assisted living communities help older adults meet their physical fitness goals in ways that are safe, engaging, and fun. 

Assisted living communities also offer activities that keep the minds of older adults sharp. Members of the community can look forward to events like craft days, various exercise classes, educational classes, and book clubs.

A Cure for Senior Loneliness

All too often, older adults find themselves missing out on important social interactions for a variety of reasons, including depression, anxiety, or a lack of transportation. In fact, more than forty percent of seniors report experiencing loneliness on a regular basis. Loneliness in seniors can have a detrimental effect on their health and well-being, including putting them at a greater risk of death.

Assisted living homes in Los Angeles, CA can solve that problem for older adults. Seniors will be given the chance to socialize with their peers through free time and structured activities, such as game nights, movie viewings, dinner events, and more. These events enhance the happiness of the older adults who participate in them and, in turn, improve their health. 

Opportunities for Safe Transportation

One of the biggest challenges older adults face is access to safe transportation. Seniors who are not able to drive themselves to appointments or events lose the ability to socialize and take care of themselves, so they end up in isolation without having their needs met. In assisted living communities, older adults are provided with transportation assistance so they do not have to feel like a burden to their family and can still maintain some level of independence. 

Come Home Today

The family members and loved ones of older adults often face hard decisions about how to care for them once they can no longer complete essential daily living tasks on their own. Assisted living communities offer invaluable services that ensure the safety, health, and happiness of seniors so family members can enjoy their company and have peace of mind. 

Terraza of Cheviot Hills

Terraza of Cheviot Hills is an assisted living community in Los Angeles, CA, that serves the areas of Century City, Beverly Hills, Beverly Woods, Westwood, Culver City, and Brentwood. They offer gorgeous, boutique-style assisted living apartments and pride themselves on providing a high-end quality of life for older adults in a caring and comfortable atmosphere.